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I worked on Driveclub from early pre-production through to DLC. My primary role was creating plants and trees although I also did some other environment work and particle generation and placement.


In Driveclub there are over 70 species of plant and tree over it's six locations. These vary from frozen pines, to desert scrub, vast fields of flowers and dense decidious forests. I constructed around half of them. I also documented the workflow for tree and plant construction and presented it to the other environment artists before supervising them make new plant objects as a training exercise.


Driveclub features vast landscapes full of dense vegetation and it was a challenge to make the assets cheap enough to cover so much of the level while looking good enough for the player to stop and take a photo. We aimed to have better vegetation than any other racing game and are confident that we succeeded.


Early on in the project I took part in R&D tasks for the art team. In particular I looked into generating next-gen ground textures. Tarmac and gravel textures I created as experiments early in pre-production are used in the final game.


For around 6 months of the project I worked on particle effects, mostly creating animated sprites and placing emitters in the environments.

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