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On MotorStorm: Apocalypse I switched from the Environment Art team to the newly formed VFX team. MS:A featured racing through a city as it's being destroyed by natural disasters and as a result there was a much bigger need for VFX than in other titles in the series.


Much of my time was spent adding particle effects to around 100 unique environmental animations which included the ground shearing during an earthquake, buildings collapsing, gas pipes exploding and much more. I worked closely with modellers and animators to add dust, debris, sparks and explosions to the destruction.


I also worked on weapon effects for NPCs (tank cannon blasts, muzzle flashes and tracer rounds) and environmental effects (fires, smoke plumes, water spray and splashes, litter and debris).


For most of the project the VFX was done by a two-man team but during the final months of production it was expanded with junior and contract artists to place environmental effects around the tracks in the game. In this expanded team I took on a supervisory role in addition to existing duties.

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