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MotorStorm: RC was released as a PlayStation Vita launch title as well as on PS3. The player races radio-controlled cars in a range of environments based on the previous MotorStorm games.


I worked on the project for around 6 months and had a diverse role. As well as particle effects I had a go at track building and also made some DLC vehicle shells.


The track I worked on was called Icebreaker. I inherited it as a flat layout and built it up, adding such elements as the ship and the rocking icebergs.


I worked with another artist to create all the particle effects for the game, which involved adapting existing effects made for MotorStorm: Apocalypse as well as making new ones and implementing new effects for the vehicle kick-up. The fixed camera position of the game allowed for longer dust-trails than the other games in the series.


The vehicles I made were all novelty shapes that could be downloaded from the PSN store. The ones I made were based on a rubber duck, toy plane and garden shed.

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